Tuesday, 26 June 2012

... Rozen Maiden ...

even tought I've been busy with all my work I always watch anime while I'm crafting and drawing and this time I watched almost every episode of Rozen Maiden in last few days ^.^

7 Rozen Maiden dolls come to life in order to fight among each other in Alice game and the one who wins changes in to Alice; the most perfect doll that theyr creator Rozen imagined but colud never make.

... basiclly a bunc of adorable dolls in adorable lolita outfits come to life and then they even fight ... the most perfect anime for me! :D 

it has everything I'm looking for:
  • supernatural
  • adorable lolitas
  • fighting
 and my favourite one is Suigintou
the cutest dark lolita I've ever seen~
gosh what an amazing outfit! *_*
maybe I could make cosplay for myslef :3

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