Sunday, 12 February 2012

... Studying ...

 so as since I'm in last year of high school I really should study a lot right now. 
Just few months left for my final exams and of course my fashion show.
I really should work hard now but since it's only a week until my winter break I'm felling really lazy so my studying time kinda became my "lets play with my pets and take pics!" time ^.^
and then I remembered that I haven't posted much about my sweet hearts on my blog yet.
so here are few photos of our play time!
and if you haven't known yet I have rats for my pets :3


 this one is Tequila. she is over 2 years old. 
however she doesn't show her age she is really hyper and active rat.
she is also quite friendly; she doesn't bite but she also doesn't stay still for petting -.-"

 her name is Chii. she is Tequilla's doughter. she is about a year old.
she is albin which means she doen't have any pigment and that makes her eyes red and fur white.
she is a bit more calm and shy in front of people but she can be quite mean to other specially younger rats. 

and a pic of them together :3
they were hiding in the shade of a sofa so pic's quality isn't good but since I love old pictuer I made it look even older in photoshop and I love it! this one is soo going in my photoalbum ^^

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