Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Hii evryone!

soo this is me writting the blog for the first time ... like ever! ^^

so ... I'm Fleš. I'm 18 (almost 19 ;3), I'm in high school for art, i study fashion =)
I'm from Slovenia. It's little & closeminded country & it's a pain living here...
I love everything cute & Japanese. I'm kinda of a g33k ^_^
I have pet rats, no siblins, amazing firends & the most wonderfull bf *_*
We'r together for about 10months now!

That's us for new year! :*


So as I mentioned I'm In art school & I'm in fashion class.
So fashion designing is something I see myself doing like forever.
also I adore & respect styles that are unique, extrem & different.
that are the kind of clothes I'm interested in making.
as i also metioned I love everything Japanese there for I also LOVE styles there.
They are really original & different than anything I've ever seen & when I fisrt came across that I knew that is something for me. It's just really sad that some people can't accept different styles : (

soo beside making clothes & accessories I also draw a lot & do a little photography =)

so more pics incoming :3
lots of love xXx

1 comment:

  1. Wo! I love your hair colour!
    I think like you, I want to dye my hair but I can't now because I'm studying... a shit xD
    Before I estudied art but this year I couldn't :( and now, when I tell someone that I want to dye my hair thinking that I'm crazy -_-
    Sorry, I'm from Spain and I don't speak English well.
    I like your blog and your hair, I will follow you.